Aegis Protection Group, LLC was created to provide the best security service available in Las Vegas.

Our goal is provide our clients with the finest officers in Las Vegas. They are trained to provide the service our client want. We do this by supervise our officers. Each officer is checked before they assume their duties. In the rare event an officer does not meeting our standards of grooming or dress is sent home and a replacement provided. They are instructed on how to perform the duties they as tasked with to the clients standards.

Our contact with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department keeps Aegis Protection Group, LLC with up to date information on criminal behavior in the Las Vegas Valley. This information is passed along to our officers and directly to our clients through our “Hot Sheet” fax system.

Aegis Protection Group, LLC is proud of our officers and our clients. Our client’s privacy and image is as important to our company as the prevention of shortages.

  • 40 years combined experience in various types of security.
  • Our Officers are highly trained and experienced.
  • We can provide Officers in uniform or in ‘business attire’ consisting of dark business suits.
  • Our corporate motto is “We Make Sure”.






Worry-free Solutions for Your Business


At Aegies Protection Group, we believe in privacy, as such all of our clients information is never made public information. Only Aegis Protection Group will know that you are our client.


Though the years of service to our clients, our sense of rectitude has always kept us one step ahead of our competition.


We believe in honoring the unique personalities, culture and market that has grown your business so far, and hire only the very best  to help you take your business into the future with the highest standards for security.

Customer Testimonials


D. Haines
Individual Client

“Aegis Protection Group was able to provide total security coverage for my group during a trip to Las Vegas, NV this year. We received First Class Service, and at no time did we feel that the security staff was not on their game to handle any threat.”


N. Hall
Business Client

“After years of working with different security companies, Aegis Protection Group was the right company for us! My company deals with large cash transactions and in fine gems for our clients. We needed a company to totally revamp our security procedures, policies, and staff. Aegis Protection Group has provided my company with security on a level that ensures the safety of my employees and my clients.”


M. Scott
Business Client

“Working with Aegis Protection Group to assist in event security for various fundraisers, weddings, and other private events was the best experience. The security officers provided to the event were formally dressed in suites and blended in with the crowd. At no time did any guests feel uncomfortable with the security officers and at no time did the security team act in an unprofessional manner. I continue to work with Aegis Protection Group due to their professional staff and top of the line security procedures that keep all of my clients safe.”


A. Roberts
Business Client

“Our company revolves around various warehouses. After many break ins, and tens of thousands of dollars in lost products, I decided to work with Aegis Protection Group to provide my security to my various shipping warehouses. Aegis Protection Group Security Officers are able to keep the criminals away from and out of my warehouses. I will continue to use Aegis Protection Group for as long as I have my business and need my warehouses protected.”