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Develop Your Path to Greatness

The Management of Aegis has a 40 years combined experience in various types of security.
The President; Mr. Dennis Kirkpatrick, has a background in Law Enforcement and Private Security. He was the Director of Operations for a very successful Beverly Hills security company. He was tasked with opening an office in Las Vegas, building that office into one of the most successful High End Retail security companies in Las Vegas.

Mr. Kirkpatrick has teamed with Mr. Roger Farrow who has over 30 years in private security. Mr. Farrow has worked for some of the most affluent members of the Las Vegas elite.Services provided to the Las Vegas market include high end retail security, personal protection and high value transfers. APG is highly respected in the security industry.

Our Officers are highly trained and experienced. We can provide Officers in uniform or in ‘business attire’ consisting of dark business suits.

Aegis Protection Group can offer some of the very best. Our corporate motto is “We Make Sure”.

Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services that help you lower your shortage levels. We are constantly assessing our security programs to improve service and reduce shortages.

Comprehensive Programs

Our security programs are designed to cover businesses in a wide variety of sizes. We are available to perform security evaluations that help our clients continue to improve their security program. We are constantly reevaluating our security policies, implementing new training for employees as well as keeping our clients informed of all current threats to their company.

Amazing Results

How do we deliver the best service? There is no secret to it. We train and supervise our officers. Risks to your property and employees can be mitigated, by ensuring tested risk management policies and procedures are followed by both our officers and our client’s employees. We believe that “Security” is only achieved when both the client’s employees and our officers participate in the security program. Aegis Protection Group, LLC has a broad range of integrated tools, knowledge and experience that support “Deterrence & Suppression”. Our client’s safety is our first concern. Safety and Security is our First Priority!