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Aegis Protection Group, LLC has a spotless reputation for being honest and professional. We provide unparalleled security services to our clients.

Our retail clients expect their security officer to protect their merchandise. However; equally important is that our officers protect the client’s image as well. They expect, and deserve, the highest quality security personnel. Integrity, Commitment and Respect are first-rate qualities we look for in an employee. Aegis Protection Group, LLC holds its officers to the highest standards in the industry.

Our officers have protected not only the wealthy, but their estates as well. Our executive protection officers are all highly trained and experienced in techniques of protection. They are the epitome of discretion, keeping our clients privacy private! Officers may be required to monitor the property using video surveillance, and as such should be familiar with their systems.

The officers who are responsible for protecting the estates belonging to our clients do so with an eye towards not only the safety and security, but also will perform additional duties as required.

Aegis Protection Group, LLC employs armed, as well as unarmed officers to our clients.

Guards must maintain their Private Investigator Licensing Board credentials. Officers who wish to work as an armed officer will need additional state mandated training.

Candidates for employment should: Be at least 21 years old Be United States citizen or able to provide documentation proving eligibility for employment. Valid social security number No felony convictions of any misdemeanor involving the illegal use of weapons All employees will be required to pass a background investigation.

Tattoos: Visible tattoos are not acceptable to our clients.

Piercings: Piercings are NOT disqualifiers for employment, however all piercings must be removed while on duty for safety. Each candidate will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Drugs: Aegis Protection Group has a zero tolerance policy for drugs. Any employee found to be under the influence or in possession of controlled substance(s) while on-duty face immediate termination.

All employees are required to take and pass periodic random drug test.

Criminal History: Applicants who have been convicted of a felony, any misdemeanor involving violence, or any crime which calls into question the applicants moral character may disqualify the applicant from obtaining employment with Aegis Protection Group, LLC. Please forward your resume to Aegis Protection Group at Once your resume is received by our staff, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment for a personal interview.

Application: You must complete all fields on the application. If a field does not apply to you, write “N/A”. This indicates that it does not apply to you.

Thank you for your interest in working with Aegis Protection Group, LLC. We look forward to meeting with you and welcoming you into our organization.